Welcome to The Arizona WebCam

This site is run by the IT Lab personnel from the UArizona Department of Computer Science

This view of the Santa Catalina Mountains looks north across the University of Arizona campus from the Computer Science offices in the Gould-Simpson building. A new image is generated every 30 seconds for wide angle and every 60 seconds for the cropped view.

The AZ Webcam is now streaming live on YouTube!
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Current Images

Old Style View - size: 1280x960

Click image for full size view. Refreshes every 60 seconds.
Full wide angle format (80° FoV) - size: 2304x1296
Webcam View
Click image for full size view. Refreshes every 30 seconds.

This wide angle view is the primary camera feed. We have looked into different lenses, but we prefer this field of view to capture the weather patterns. This view is what we also use to build the timelapse videos and hour image views to have the best quality.

Notes: The black object in the top right of the wide angle is a pillar of the building, at this current time we cannot move it out of frame. The camera is located in an office space and there is very limited space to move without capturing these pillars.

The "Old Style View" is a re-creation of the old Stardot Netcam that was used on this site since 2006. We created some software that uses the new wide angle camera output and transforms, crops, and modifies the image to recreate the old 50° Zoomed and cropped images the Stardot camera would produce. We are looking into possibly adding another camera that can use the old lense the Stardot camera used, but that will take time as we do this project in our free time with all donated/recycled equipment.

This is the current forecast based on data from the Tucson International airport.
Location of where our cameras get their view.